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About us

Our product is the collaborative effort of creators, developers, graphic designers and most importantly Deaf people. Deaf people who haven't had a chance to use a messenger dedicated especially for them. We're glad that you are interested in Five App's team.

Who we are

Meet the FiveApp team

  • Mateusz Mach

  • Piotr Polański

  • Blake Wind

  • Jacek Knaflewski

  • Cindy Chen

    Chief Brand Ambassador
  • Olgierd Kosiba

    Sign Language Specialist
  • Ola Włodarczyk

    Sign Language Specialist
  • Paweł Rosik

    Sign Language Specialist
  • Piotr Bucki

  • Dawid Wesołowski

We started as a silly lifestyle app for teenagers wanting to send simple hand signs. Everything changed with feedback from the Deaf community.

That’s why now we are building the first messenger that uses the full power of sign language, to help over 70 million people who use sign  language day to day, and reach over 360 million who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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